DevFest Siberia 2017 - Blacklight


Hi there! Today we’re announcing an exciting part of the upcoming DevFest Siberia: Blacklight, the DevFest adventure. Blacklight is a text-based adventure, during which you will have to solve various challenges to progress in the story. Some parts of the story will be playable online, but the most exciting chapters will take place at the con... Continue reading

DevFest Siberia 2016 - Summary


On Nov 19-20 GDG Novosibirsk and GDG Omsk organized DevFest Siberia in Novosibirsk, the biggest Russian Devfest conference for today! The important stats & points, we want to share with you: 520+ participants from 18 different cities, from 3 countries! (The weather was -30°C these days! It’s extremely cold, but it wasn’t a limitation ... Continue reading