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Zviad Kardava

Sr. Backend Engineer VoxImplant, Moscow, Russia

Zviad is a software engineer who’s mainly engaged in research and development of distributed systems, industrial IoT and high performance middleware. He feels passion for modern technologies, their development and hacking, as well as their reflection in academic science. Zviad holds a Master's degree from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and writing a PhD thesis in ibiz Zviad loves to discuss advanced technologies IRL and to encourage people to use them. He enjoys public speaking and sharing his experiences. Currently he resides in Moscow where he is an active GDG member.

  • GDE

    Google Developer Expert, Android

Denis Neklyudov

Sr. Mobile Engineer 90Seconds.tv, Singapore

Google Developer Expert who live together with Android for more than six years. He is also well known as co-host of famous Russian speaking Android development podcast. Now he’s working in Singapore at 90Seconds.tv.

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    Google Developer Expert, Android

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    Google Developer Group Goiania

Marcelo Quinta

Professor Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, Brazil

Master in software engineering, professor at Universidade Federal de Goias, mobile developer with 10 years experience with different platforms. Actually has many apps delivered around the world, from banks to startups, government and even planes. He is Google Developer Expert in Android, Intel Innovator, GDG Goiania organizer and Technology Mentor in Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator.

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    Google Developer Expert, Android

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    Google Developer Group

Alex Korovyansky

Technical Director Handsome, Omsk, Russia

Alex is a Google Developers Expert in Android and a Technical Director of Mobile & Devices department at Handsome. Together with team Alex creates beautiful experiences for global brands, including Facebook, Indeed, Nickelodeon. In 2011, Alex started Google Developer Group in Omsk and greatly influenced the growth of the regional IT-community through its organizational and expert effort. Currently Alex is enthusiastically working on a new ambitious project in the community — creative mobile laboratory, where developers can experiments with the very latest mobile technologies and devices (ex. SLAM, AR/VR, IoT, drones).

Edward Medvedev

Engineer Brocade, San Jose, USA

Edward is one of the main developers of StackStorm, an open-source platform for DevOps automation.

Tanay Pant

Mozilla Tech Speaker Mozilla, New Delhi, India

Tanay Pant is an Indian author, hacker, developer and tech enthusiast. He is best known for his work on "Building a Virtual Assistant for Raspberry Pi" and "Learning Firefox OS Application Development". He is also an official representative of Mozilla. He has been listed in the about:credits of the Firefox web browser for his contributions to the different open source projects of the Mozilla Foundation.

Daniel Whitenack

Data Scientist/Engineer Ardan Labs, Chicago, USA

Daniel is a PhD Physics trained data scientist who is interested in helping Go become a “go to” language for data science/engineering. As a consultant, Daniel helps his clients develop and deploy predictive models, real-time dashboards, pricing optimizations, and more. He enjoys contributing to the open source community, with projects like gophernotes, and mentoring data science students in data science. "I am passionate about helping data scientists discover Go and helping gophers discover data science. I am the maintainer of several open source, data-related Go projects (including gophernotes), and I have talked all over the US about Go and it’s uses in the context of data science."

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    Google Developer Expert, Web

Martin Splitt

Head of Engineering Archilogic, Zürich, Switzerland

Martin is a fullstack developer, yet he feels most at home in web technologies, working with WebVR, WebGL and Polymer.As a GDE, Mozillian and W3C contributor, he wants to help others to leverage and push the web platform.

Alexander Efremenkov

Android engineer Yandex.Taxi, Moscow, Russia

Nikita Baksalyar

Developer MaidSafe, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Nikita is participant in the development of Rust compiler porting it to a new platform (Oracle Solaris OS and its variations available).

Yuriy Korzhenevskiy

Senior Software Engineer RND.center, Moscow, Russia

Yura is a software engineer at RND.center, blockchain R&D company that create distributed payment systems. Years ago, he worked at Yandex and developed from scratch company-wide vulnerability assessment system.

  • GDE

    Google Developer Expert, Web

Wilson Mendes

Senior Software Engineer Australia

Sharanya Viswanath

Senior Software Engineer - Automation Slack, San Francisco, USA

Sharanya Viswanath is a Senior Software Automation Engineer at Slack. She holds a Bachelorsin Computer Science from Anna University, India anda Masters in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, NY. She has been in the tech industry for almost 6 years and started out as a test automationengineer focusing on UI, API, Android and iOS test automation. She is responsible for laying out automated test infrastructure as well continuous integration pipeline for the iOS/Webapp teams at Slack (build, test, upload app to app store). She believes in testingwith empathy and has represented Slack talking about the same to its clients across the world. Shealso spends her time in improving women in tech, diversity-inclusion efforts at Slack.

Andrew Minkin

Team lead MadDevs.io, Bishkek

Andrew - team lead in MadDevs.io. The main programming language is Go."I design system and develop microservices."

Elena Grahovac

Senior Software Developer Openprovider, Novosibirsk, Russia

Elena writes microservices in Go at Openprovider, also she is a co-host of GolangShow podcast.

Igor Dolzhikov

SRE Openprovider, Novosibirsk, Russia

Igor works for Openprovider as SRE. He automates the process of microservice development at the company. He provides their reliability and high availability.

Marcin Moskala

Senior Android Developer GameKit, Poland

Kotlin Android developer with a passion. Active in open-source community. The author of ActivityStarter. Made big applications for Warta, Docplanner, and GameKit.

David Calavera

CTO Netlify, Huesca, Spain

David Calavera is the CTO of Netlify where he and his team are building the best platform for deploying and automating modern web projects. Before that, he was a core member of the Docker Engine project, where he helped developers build the container engine that started the container revolution. David also built enterprise tools for GitHub and has contributed to numerous open source projects, such us Go, JRuby and many others.

Sina Yazdanmehr

Information Security Consultant Infigo IS, Zagreb, Croatia

Sina Yazdanmehr is a penetration tester and information security consultant. His expertise is web and mobile applications security. He currently works for Infigo IS, and has worked for other security firms and CERT since 2009.

Kristi Progri

Tech Speaker, Mozilla Rep Mozilla, Tirana, Albania

Kristi is Chairwoman of Open Labs Hackerspace, a community in Tirana, Albania dedicated to everything Free & Open Source. She is currently a Mozilla Tech Speaker and Intern as part of the Outreachy program which aims to offer opportunities to underrepresented groups in Open Source communities. As part of the organizer team, Kristi has helped shape the OSCAL conference throughout the past years and continues to do so. She has finished her studies in International Affairs & Diplomacy and advocates for the importance of decentralized technology in today’s age. Furthermore, she is also an author on SitePoint.

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    Google Developer Group

Natalie Pistunovich

Backend Engineer Berlin, Germany

Natalie is a learner, a Gopher, and a public speaker. She co-founded Connta, a mobile platform in emerging countries helping store owners go online easily, based in Nairobi. Prior to that she was a Backend Developer at adjust in Berlin and a Silicon Integration Engineer at Intel. She graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer and Software Engineering from the Technion in Israel. In her free time she is co-leading the Berlin chapters of GDG Golang and Women Techmakers, volunteering with the Tunapanda coding school in Nairobi and sailing.

Yosun Chang

Hacker in Residence AReality3D, San Francisco, CA, USA

Yosun is a creative hacker at heart - she uses emerging tech to build things previously considered impossible. She has a knack for making hacks in record time - fuels a one-person-shop boutique 3D AR VR rapid prototyping agency called Prototype48 and has won hundreds of hackathons, from TechCrunch Disrupt Grand Prize to coding competitions held by Intel, Microsoft, Google + more. Beyond iOS Android apps that use 3D graphics, computer vision and 9dof, she's CTO of multiple startups and has made killer software for every single depth camera device out there, from Intel RealSense to Tango to HoloLens.

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    Google Developer Group

Sergey Melehin

Team Lead Ramax Intl., Vladivostok, Russia

Sergey is a software development team lead specializing on data-centric systems like billing, search engines, crawlers, etc. His projects include toll road interconnect systems, emply.ru CV parsing and scoring system and vertical search engine for vacancies. GDG Vladivostok leader, active tinkerer in robotics and machine learning.

Konstantin Tckhovrebov

Team Lead Senior Android Developer RedMadRobot, Saint Petersburg, Russia

I am in Android dev 5+ years. My last projects were huge, complex client side applications. I like solving architecture related tasks but also love grinding layouts and animations trying to archieve perfection. In addition I am contributor for several android opensource projects. Linux fan.

Natalia Neverova

Postdoctoral Researcher Facebook AI Research, Paris, France

Natalia is a postdoctoral researcher on the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) team working on deep learning and computer vision. Before coming to FAIR, she obtained her PhD from INSA Lyon (France) and University of Guelph (Canada). She also spent several months as a visiting researcher at Google ATAP (USA) working on a large scale project on mobile authentication.

Dave Cheney

Software Engineer Atlassian, Sydney, Australia

David is a programmer, public speaker, and author from Sydney, Australia. David has been a contributor to the Go project since February 2011 and is an organiser of GopherCon Denver. David currently works at Atlassian building Kubernetes infrastructure for their internal platform as a service.

Alexey Genus

Software developer Sape, Moscow, Russia

Armagan Amcalar

Head of Software Engineering unu GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Armagan is the Head of Software Engineering at unu GmbH, and is currently working on building the infrastucture for the future of mobility. A software architect well versed in both the backend and frontend systems, he focuses on building resilient clouds. He loves open source and is the author of cote, a library for building microservices with Node.js.

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